"The benefit of the people is the supreme law." Niccolo Machiavelli
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Legalization of real estate

”законение-недвижимости.jpgPresently there are many difficulties and problems in connection with the legalization of real estate. You have built a balcony in the apartment or redeveloped a room, removed the partitions or inherited an apartment. All these activities must be registered and undergo the negotiation process in a number of public bodies. Otherwise, you may have problems while using this real estate. In each of these cases you will need lawyer assistance. Careless attitude while legalizing real estate and paperwork delay can cause unexpected problems when selling real estate. In these cases, we can help you. We will protect from unwanted barriers by the public authorities. We will also take care of all the necessary stages of the registration paperwork delay.

Legal support of projects for the purchase and sale of real estate, including property complexes Ц UAH 2,000;

Privatization of apartments and other residential (non-residential) premises - from UAH 5,000;

Complete replanning legalization, reconstructions of flats (property) Ц
от from UAH 40,000;

Transfer from residential to non-residential fund Ц от from UAH 50,000;

Obtaining of permits - building permits, placement of small architectural forms Ц contract price;

Help in "unauthorized construction" legitimizing Ц contract price;

Commissioning of real estate, including large industrial buildings Ц contract price;

Getting of technical passports for real estate Ц from UAH 1,000;

Getting an extract from the register of ownership of real estate Ц UAH 700;

Re-registration of real estate owners Ц from UAH 2,000;

Visit us to legalize real estate on time!

We will help you to avoid losses and errors while registration of documentation for real estate, which usually happens because of ignorance of the legislation.

Visit us and you protect yourself from many problems!

Just contact us! We will find the best option for you.

We will re-register the company for you and provide support for its activities! Call us!

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