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Transfer to non-residential fund

Transfer from residential to non-residential fund

Attention! Our agency offers a new transfer from residential to non-residential fund! Transfer of a house or apartment in non-residential fund in 30 days! We provide a full package of documents! We offer more reliable, more accurate and quicker services! Call us today! The price is negotiable.

Our Agency also provides official transfer services from residential to non-residential fund:

Transfer of premises from residential to non-residential fund in general queue - the cost of our Agency services – UAH 50,000, not including official fees.

About residential to non-residential fund

Перевод в нежилой фонд If you need to transfer residential premises to non-residential fund, just visit to our agency and protect yourself from unnecessary worries. First of all, this is quite a long and tedious process.

At all stages of the necessary documents you will encounter many difficulties and "bureaucratic surprises". You also have to go through the collection of signatures of your home owners who rarely wish to do it. In addition, you still need to get permission of the local district administration to transfer the premises from residential to non-residential fund.

We remind you that, in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, only those apartments that are located on the first and second floors of a residential building may be transferred into non-residential fund.

Here is a list of documents that should be submitted to the General Directorate of Urban development, architecture and design:

1. A copy of the passport and identification code of the owner of the apartment/room or notarized copies of documents of title of the owner - a legal entity;

2. A notarized copy of the title document to the apartment;

3. A copy of the consent of the owners of the house in an amount not less than 50% of the total number of apartments, which must be certified either by the housing and communal services or other institution that serves the house;

4. A copy of the technical documentation on the premises;

5. A copy of the consent to transfer from the respective district administration;

6. An original certificate from the service organization about the absence of arrears of rent;

7. An original certificate from the service organization about the absence of residents in the apartment;

8. The original document, which confirms the approval of the service organization to transfer apartments from residential to non-residential;

9. Photo of the transfer object.

If you have problem co-owners, and you just cannot agree with them your desire to change the purpose of the premises - we are always ready to help you. Our craftsmen of legally significant negotiations will get all the necessary signatures!

Start working with our Agency and you will get a full set of documents for non-residential premises "turnkey".

"Law Agency "De Jure" guarantees comprehensive legal assistance and support in dealing with any official issues. By using our services, you trust your business to professionals!


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