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Company Registration and Reorganization

Company Registration and Reorganization


Do you need to register a company, or make any changes to the constituent documents?

We provide best quality services for:

  • Legal entity / individual;
  • Residents, non-residents;
  • Kiev and region;
  • With VAT, without VAT.

Options of any difficulty!!!

We prepare all documents for 1 hour!

Limited Liability Company   2300 UAH
Additional Liability Company UAH 3,500
Full Company  UAH 5,000
Individual entrepreneur (without employees) UAH 1,500
Cooperative UAH 6,000
Media UAH 6,000
Representation of foreign companies UAH 10,000
All-Ukrainian (international), local charities by agreement
All-Ukrainian (international), community-based organizations by agreement
Religious organizations UAH 7,000
Association (local, in Ukraine) by agreement
Political parties by agreement/strong>
If the founder is a non-resident, the cost varies according to the agreement.


Change of a company name UAH 2,000
Change a location UAH 1,800
Change of ownership UAH 1,300
Change of the head UAH 1,000
Company transfer to another district, city UAH 2,000
Change of activities (RDA and statistics) UAH 800
Getting a report of the company UAH 500
Getting a company extract UAH 550
If the founder is a non-resident, the cost varies according to the agreement


Private Enterprise into LLC (and vice versa) UAH 6,000
Full Company into LLC (and vice versa) from UAH 7,000
Joint Stock Company into LLC, ALC, PE (if the shares are not issued) from UAH 8,000
Joint Stock Company into LLC, ALC, PE (if the shares are issued) from UAH 30,000
Selection, acquisition, merger – by agreement. by agreement.

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Our lawyers are university graduates with many years of professional experience. They are admitted to the Bar by Kyiv City Qualification and Disciplinary Commission and have the certificate to practice law. Our lawyers have a broad specialization in the field of legal and advocacy services.

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Our goal is not only to provide legal assistance to clients. We also aim to analyze the circuit to minimize their risks and costs. Our lawyers also aim to carry out competent analysis of certain actions.

Our Advantage

Our modern approach to solving legal problems allows us to significantly facilitating the organization and activities of both enterprises and business structures, as well as solving certain problems of our private clients.

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