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Sales of ready-made businesses

Sales of ready-made businesses

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Do you intend to participate in a tender, or provide an operating company with VAT registration certificate for the customs authorities? Do you have a ready business project? Are you interested in selling companies with a license for a particular activity? In this case, our company is ready to offer you a complete enterprise, formalized in different districts of Kiev, with either VAT registration certificate or without it, with licenses for different activities. Please, check out our services.

Sale of ready-made business – benefits for the buyer

êóïëÿ-ïðîäàæà-ïðåäïðèÿòèé.jpg The benefit of such a purchase for you is obvious for many reasons. For many entrepreneurs buying a readymade company significantly reduces the time for processing the transaction of purchase and sale. In business time is a very important criterion for measuring. Especially for those cases when the company is urgently needed for "tomorrow" for some important business projects.
Every entrepreneur at least once in his/her life always faces the question of immediate purchase and sale of businesses. Time dictates its own laws and demands "mobility" in many issues. And if you do not buy a company with certain parameters in time, someone more agile can get ahead and win such a tender. Therefore, the purchase of a ready company has become quite common form of acquisition recently. Please keep in mind that there are quite different companies proposed for sale. Demand determines supply. Thus, our company proposes a great selection of companies for sale. It is very convenient for you.
For example, you plan to participate in a tender. For this reason you need tender a company, registered at least five years ago. We can offer such a company. You may also need to show high activity with turnover in this company. We as well can offer such enterprises. Yes, even if you need a VAT registration certificate – please, contact us at any time. In any case we may assist you in choosing a company that meets your needs in a particular situation.
You can always find a list of companies for sale, with or without licenses, either with VAT certificate or without it, either with permission or without permission in any district of Kiev.
We also want to draw your attention to the fact that if you have a ready-made business or enterprise with a VAT certificate, or without it, and you want to sell it, we are ready to buy it. We consider different ways of buying businesses. In any case, we are always happy to cooperate with you.
Sales of ready-made companies in Kiev and Ukraine are the main activity of De Jure law firm. Contact us right now and we can always offer the most efficient and cost-effective solution for you! Our lawyers will always choose ready-made companies for sale according to your requirements.

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