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Company licensing

Company licensing

Ëèöåíçèðîâàíèå-ïðåäïðèÿòèé.jpgDo you need to get a license for a certain kind of economic activity? Our agency is ready to provide assistance in this matter and control the process of getting a license.

We will qualitatively support you on all possible legal nuances of the chosen activity, define the process and stages of getting a license, prepare all the necessary documents, and carry out the necessary steps to get it.

Presently, in accordance with Ukraine legislation, the following economic activities should be licensed:

1. Banking;

2. Professional activities in the securities market;

3. The financial services;

4. Foreign economic activity;

5. Activities in the field of television and radio broadcasting;

6. The activities in the field of energy and nuclear energy;

7. Activities in the field of education;

8. Activities in the field of intellectual property;

9. The production and sale of ethyl, cognac and fruit alcohol, alcoholic beverages and tobacco;

10. The activities in the field of telecommunications;

11. The construction activities;

12. The work on trafficking in narcotic drugs and precursors;

13. Manufacture of explosives for industrial use;

14. The production of particularly unsafe chemicals; operation in the sphere of unsafe waste collection and storage of certain types of waste as secondary raw materials;

15. Mining of precious metals and precious stones, precious stones of organogenic origin, semi-precious stone;

16. Manufacture of medicines, wholesale retail drugs;

17. The manufacturer of veterinary medicines and drugs, wholesale, retail trade of veterinary medicines and drugs;

18. The sale of pesticides and agro-chemicals (plant growth regulators only);

19. The manufacture of special funds, charged substances tear and irritant, individual defense, active defense, and their sale;

20. The development, production of special technical means for reading information from communication channels, other means of secret information; Trade with special technical means for reading information from communication channels in other ways of getting secret information;

21. The provision of services in the field of cryptographic protection of information (except for services of electronic digital signature), trade cryptosystems and means of cryptographic protection of information;

22. The introduction, importation, exportation of holographic protective elements;

23. The provision of services in the field of technical protection of information;

24. The production of forms of securities, strictly accountable documents;

25. Transportation of oil, oil products trunk pipeline transportation of natural, gas, and gas (methane) coal deposits in pipelines and their distribution;

26. The supply of natural gas, gas (methane) of coal deposits for regulated and unregulated tariff;

27. The conservation of natural gas, gas (methane) of coal deposits in amounts that exceed the level set by the license conditions;

28. The centralized water supply and water removal;

29. The development, testing, manufacture, operation of launch vehicles, spacecraft that their contents;

30. The cultivation of plants included in Table 1 of the Schedule of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, manufacture, production, conservation, transportation, purchase, sale (release) into the territory of Ukraine, use, destruction of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors included in said list;

31. The medical practice;

32. The processing of blood and its components; manufacture of its products, in addition to the activities of the cord blood bank and other human tissues and cells.

33. The activity of cord blood banks, other human tissues and cells;

34. Veterinary practice;

35. Issue and conducting of lotteries;

36. Services for passengers, including unsafe cargo, baggage transportation by air, river, sea, road, and railway;

37. The preparation, processing, metallurgical processing of scrap ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

38. The collection, primary processing of waste and scrap of precious metals and precious stones, precious stones of organogenic formation and semiprecious stones;

39. Services and work of fire-fighting purposes;

40. Protection of property of citizens;

41. The tour operator activities;

42. The activities of arbitration managers (managers of property, managers readjustment, liquidators);

43. The arbitration in employment for work abroad;

44. The work on land management, land evaluation and land sales;

45. The activities related to industrial fishing, except for inland water bodies (ponds) farms;

46. ​​The customs broker;

47. The manufacture, export and import of disks for laser reading systems, matrices;

48. The sale of breeding (genetic) resources, carrying out genetic examination of the passage, and anomalies of the animals;

49. Fumigation (decontamination) of objects of regulation, according to the Law of Ukraine "On Plant Quarantine" that move across the state border of Ukraine and quarantine zones;

50. The activities related to the provision of services not military firing ranges and functioning of hunting stands;

51. The development, manufacture, sale, repair, modernization and disposal of weapons, military equipment, weapons and ammunition to it;

52. The production of thermal energy, and its transportation through main and local (distribution) thermal lines and supply of thermal energy;

53. The collection and use of credit history;

54. Genetically engineering activity in a closed system;

55. The sale of biogas and liquid fuels from biomass.

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